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Diploma Course


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Diploma Course in Crystal Therapy 

The HCCH Diploma Course (Level 3) in Crystal Therapy is ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations) accredited and approved by the Crystal Therapy Council. On successful completion of the Diploma, students can use the letters G.HCCH (Graduate of Hope College of Crystal Healing) after their name and will be eligible for registration on the HCCH, ACHO and the GRCCT (General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies) list of qualified Crystal Practitioners.

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Length of course

This is a professional part time course, which usually comprises of 20 tutor-led training days spread out over a two-year period. 

However, if you have previously achieved the ACHO accredited Certificate (Level 2) in Crystal Therapy then you would only

need to complete Year Two (10 classes) to achieve the Diploma (Level 3).


When and Where

The next course:


Bishop Lloyds Palace, 51/53 Watergate Row, CHESTER, CH1 2LE

Level one:  22/23 February, 28/29 March and 16th May

Level two: 17th May, 27/28 June and  8/9 August

Level three: Five further weekends 


Course Aims

Hope College of Crystal Healing provides a high standard of training and is dedicated to the study of crystal energy and its influence on the human body. Through research and experimentation this course encourages students to explore their own relationship with crystals in order to truly appreciate the healing potential of the mineral kingdom. By tapping into each of their senses and developing their awareness, the aim is that learners will gain the skills, knowledge and insight to guide and support their physical, emotional, spiritual and professional development as fully qualified Crystal Practitioners. Individual needs of all students are fully supported and lessons aim to be friendly and enjoyable for everyone.  


Assessment criteria

No prior knowledge of crystals is required and individual progress is supported and monitored through continuous assessment. In order for students to qualify they must attend all twenty-four training sessions and demonstrate their competence as a therapist. In addition, students are required to produce a portfolio of work containing:

            • Completed skill sheets (units 1 –24) covering the core curriculum
            • Copies of twenty journal entries evidencing their work with crystals
            • Rationales for two creative projects
            • Five case studies per year
            • A personal research thesis
            • Evidence of at least 35 hours Anatomy and Physiology * learning.

* Some students may have completed Anatomy and Physiology training previously and are asked to produce a copy of their certificate for their portfolio. For those who have not studied Anatomy and Physiology, a home study course can be provided for an additional £50.00. Details of this and other options will be given on the first day of the course. 


Course Fees

From 1st May 2019, the cost of the 2 years training will be £1600.00 but this may vary depending on location. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to secure your place then the remaining fees can be paid for in monthly installments.


Enrolment form

 If you would like more information or require an enrolment form for the Diploma course, then please email 

[email protected] and one can be emailed or posted out to you.


Certificate Course

Rather than commit to two years of training some students prefer to enrol on the one-year Certificate Course which covers exactly the same syllabus as the first year of the Diploma Course. By taking this route, if at a later date students decide to continue with their studies they can apply to do a further 12 months training which will enable them to achieve the Diploma.


Scheme of Work

 Please see the Certificate Course for details of lessons 1 - 10





  Transpersonal chakras and the Hara Line

  Recognising a Kundalini awakening

  Vogel wands and home made wands


  Sacred geometry

  Platonic solids

  The Flower of life and Metatron's cube


 Creating crystal mandalas and grids

 Mandala divination

 Healing with Chakra Mandalas


 The power of Pyramid energy

 Meditating under a copper pyramid

 Experiment with crystal telepathy


  How to make Gem Essences

  Animal healing - rules and regulations

  Working with Etheric Weavers


  The mystery and history of the crystal skulls

 Tapping into crystal skull consciousness

 Separation and oneness


  Crystal massage tools and techniques

  Crystal facial massage

  Massaging the aura


 Crystal singing bowls and sound baths

 The Merkaba

 Living in the heart


  Geopathic stress

  Electromagnetic pollution

  Earth healing with the Medicine Wheel


 Synergy 12 crystals

 Preparing for the future

 Graduation ceremony


Keeping your Data Safe

The personal information provided by our students will be securely stored and kept confidential in accordance with the

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Hope College of Crystal Healing registers all students who enrol onto an ACHO

accredited course with ACHO (The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations). This means that I provide

them with your name and contact details. These will not be shared with anyone else.


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