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One-day Workshops




About our one-day Workshops

Whether you are a complete novice with crystals wanting a self-help workshop to balance your mind, body or spirit … or an experienced therapist looking for further ways to use crystals in your practice, all are welcome to join us for friendly and enjoyable training. Classes usually include a relaxing guided meditation and hands on practical exercises and techniques using a variety of crystals.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

For therapists wishing to gain CPD points, a certificate of attendance can be given to verify that you have gained five CPD points on one of our workshops. 


Cost and Booking a place

Please contact me to check on available spaces. I charge £50.00 (2018 price) for most one-day workshops and this is due in full prior to the event to secure your booking. If for any reason you are unable to attend after paying I will happily transfer your money to another workshop provided you give me at least 48 hours notice. Cheques are to be made payable to Hope College of Crystal Healing and posted to Sandra Hope-Maskell, Cloverly House, Mold Road, Ewloe, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 3AU. Alternatively you can pay by BACS - contact me for details.


Healing with Crystals

Do you love crystals but aren't sure what to do with them?                

Are you a Holistic Therapist who wants to use crystals to

enhance the healing potential of your treatments? This

workshop is ideal for anyone who feels drawn to working

with crystals for either personal self-healing or professional




Crystal Enlightenment

During the day we will work with a variety of high vibrational

crystals to open and develop your third eye chakra. Are you

experiencing a kundalini awakening and would you recognise

the symptoms? We complete the day by looking back to the

time of Atlantis and Lemuria as we explore the mysteries of

the Crystal Skulls.



Crystal Grids, Webs and Mandalas

During the day we will be looking at the history

behind these very powerful tools and the differences

between them. Students will then create their own Grids,

Webs and Mandalas for healing, manifestation, protection

and divination. No experience necessary, just book your

place and come and enjoy working with crystals.



Crystal Journey into the Heart

Do you follow your head or your heart? During this

workshop you will explore a Crystal Labyrinth as you take

an inner journey to listen to your heart's desire. We will

also work on self-love and attracting more love into our

lives and at ways of using crystals to gently heal and

balance the heart chakra.



Crystals to Heal the Past

This workshop focuses on gently letting go of past issues, as

we look into depression, stress and mental clutter and

identify which crystals may help and what to do with them. 

The day involves a crystal healing treatment to boost your

self-esteem and balance your emotions. Ideal for self-healing

or for those who want to use crystals to help others.



Crystals to Create a Brighter Future   

Do you have hopes and dreams of a better future? This

inspirational day with crystals aims to boost your confidence,

remove your fears and encourage youn to take a leap of

faith and create the future you want. During the day you will

explore crystal mandalas and experience a healing web/grid

of happiness.


Sunday 25th March 2018 - Liverpool FULLY BOOKED  


Crystals and Angels

A calming and balancing one-day workshop, which uses             

crystals to open our hearts to Angelic energies. The day

will involve meditation, working with Angels to clear

negativity from the aura, an intrioduction to the Archangels

of the colour rays and an Angelic Web/Grid of crystal light,

which can be used for healing and self-discovery.




The Crystal Medicine Wheel

In this interactive workshop we will honour the four directions,

Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Sacred Centre as we

discover how working with crystals and the Earth's cycle can

enhance our own lives. Students will participate in a shamanic

journey as crystals guide us into Mother Earth to share her

sacred wisdom. The day ends with an Earth Healing Ceremony.





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