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Sandra Hope-Maskell                 

 Sandra in classlabyrinth2 christmas day 2016            


Sandra is the Founder and Principal of Hope College of Crystal Healing (P.HCCH)

and she is a fully qualified teacher (PGCE) and Crystal Practitioner (M.IACHT).


From an early age Sandra felt a close bond to the mineral kingdom but it wasn’t until an emotional trauma in 2002 that her

personal journey with crystals really began to take off. She achieved her first Certificate in Crystal Therapy in 2004 then continued

her professional training, gaining experience by spending eleven years working in holistic centres and crystal shops

 where she offered treatments, advice and ran crystal workshops.


Her Spiritual development began over 20 years ago when she started experiencing a natural Kundalini awakening.

This opened doorways into her Lemurian past and brought guidance from higher beings. She feels she has worked with crystals

during many lifetimes and now has a special interest in Ancient Civilisations, Sacred Geometry, Crystal Skulls and Earth Healing.


In 2010 Hope College of Crystal Healing was accepted as a member of The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations

and Sandra began to run ACHO accredited training courses. She is now a member of the Crystal Therapy Council (CTC)

and is the current secretary of ACHO. Sandra believes that learning should be fun. With her passion for crystals and down

to earth teaching style she aims to bring out the best in all of her students.


Sandra runs accredited Crystal Therapy Foundation, Certificate and Diploma Courses as well as one-day workshops and Master

Classes in the following locations: Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Nothwich, Deeside, and Colwyn Bay.

PHONE:  01244 532051

EMAIL:  [email protected]



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 Natalie O'Neill

nat 3 - WEBnat 2 WEBnatalie 


Natalie is a fully qualified and insured Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Therapist. She lives with her husband Ian, their

daughter Isabella and her step-daughter Chloe. In 2009, at 23 years old, Natalie suffered a heart attack after

complications from influenza and was forced to make some difficult and life-changing decisions

– one of which concerned her career.


Natalie had always felt drawn to the caring professions and after a lot of research and soul searching decided

that she would like to become a therapist.  She spent nearly a year researching various specialities and always came

back to Crystal Therapy. She began collecting crystals and books, reading as much as possible and becoming more

and more fascinated by the day.  Natalie quickly enrolled in the ACHO accredited Diploma in Crystal Therapy at

Hope College of Crystal Healing, a two-year, hands-on course starting in January 2011. Natalie says:

“The Diploma in Crystal Therapy has changed my life.  I love therapy and helping people; I love talking about crystals

and am passionate about educating people about these amazing treasures of the Earth. Next stop teaching.”


Trained by Sandra Hope-Maskell, the Principal of Hope College of Crystal Healing, Natalie first qualified as a Crystal

Therapist (certificate level) in late 2011. She went on to achieve the Diploma in Crystal Therapy and was invited to start

Teacher Training with Hope College of Crystal Healing in January 2015. She is currently training to be a Crystal Master.


Natalie runs accredited Crystal Therapy Foundation Courses in St Helens.  

PHONE:  07860 292897

EMAIL:  [email protected]



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Paul Dinsdale 

paul 1paul 2 (2)paul 3 (2)


Paul heard the call from the crystalline world early in 2015 having never been drawn to work with crystals before. At the time

he only owned one crystal, a Rose Quartz, but he could not ignore the overwhelming pull to enrol on a two year Diploma

Course with Hope College of Crystal Healing. On the first day of the course Paul quickly saw why he had been called; his

connection to crystal energies was instant and deep, as if remembering a relationship going back many lifetimes. This was the

start of a journey that Paul describes as “life changing, profoundly healing and a source of endless joy and spiritual growth”. 


Having qualified as a Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner previously, Paul added Crystal Therapy to his practice and began

working with clients and witnessing the profound effect Crystal Therapy had on people’s healing journeys.

Paul has been on a spiritual path for many years and exploring the deeper meaning of the human experience has always

been a big life passion.  He had a Kundalini awakening in 2016 and from this his connection to spirituality through crystals

was amplified.  This led him to work with angelic energies and to explore his past lives in Atlantis.  


Paul explains “I never saw teaching as part of my future but through Sandra’s nurturing, wisdom and guidance it feels the

most natural and fun thing to be doing with my life. Introducing people to crystals is a gift and I am so grateful, and proud,

to have the opportunity to do it with Hope College.”  Paul is currently studying to be a Crystal Master with Sandra. 


Paul runs accredited Crystal Therapy Foundation courses in Manchester and Salford.

PHONE:   07736 801084

EMAIL:   [email protected]




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Stephanie Perring

steph 1 (2)steph 2steph 3


Following the death of her father in 2005, Stephanie left her job as a Speech and Language Therapist to concentrate on family

and unbeknown to her, get onto the path that has led to her crystal journey. She studied Reflexology for a year and was

taught by a wonderful teacher who opened the doors to her spiritual side. Stephanie also went on to train as a Reiki Master.

Having never worked with crystals before, Stephanie just 'knew' on some deeper level that they needed to be incorporated

into her life. This inner knowing grew and at the beginning of 2014 (following the death of her mother) Stephanie began

to look for an appropriate course. She found Sandra: her course was the one that resonated the most and despite having to

wait another year for the course to start, Stephanie knew it was the right thing to do. In 2015 she embarked on the

HCCH Certificate course, followed by the Diploma training and she is currently studying to become a Crystal Master.


Stephanie says, 'The course, the amazing people I have met who have become life long friends and. of course Sandra's

inspirational teaching, has been simply transformational. I am a therapist at heart and it brings me great joy to work with others,

facilitate their own learning and, of course, to keep learning myself as I develop and evolve. I just love crystals and

I am thankful for their part in my life'.


Stephanie will be running Crystal Therapy Foundation courses in the Bangor, area, North Wales.

PHONE:  07815 853297

EMAIL:  [email protected]


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 Cathy Stredwick

Cathy PIC 3Cathy PIC 2Cathy PIC 1


Cathy started looking to her own wellbeing back in 2003 following emergency heart surgery. This pushed her into

exploring complementary therapies and after attending various workshops and courses in she qualified as an

aromatherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. However, the universe decided that she still had other hurdles to face and in

2011 Cathy was diagnosed with cancer. Timely successful medical intervention led to a complete re-evaluation of her

life and she gave up her career and moved to North Wales to set up her own holistic therapy business. She now works as

a community therapist with a local Hospice in Lincolnshire where she now lives.


Having collected crystals since she was a little girl, she found that following the diagnosis, they started to play an increasing

role in her life. A set of chakra crystals were given to her as a thank you and then to push her even further down the crystal

pathway, an elderly shopkeeper in Switzerland who spoke very little English, handed her a crystal from Kandersteg mountain

making reference to her cancer surgery!  Then she found Hope College of Crystal Healing and in 2016 she began training on

our Diploma course.  


Cathy says, “As a therapist, accredited courses are very important to me and is one of the reasons I chose Hope College

Not for one minute when I signed my enrolment forms did I imagine that it would become such an important part of

my life, and in my wildest dreams never imagined that I would be asked to become one of its Tutors.  It truly is an honour

to be a part of this amazing organisation.  I am now studying to become a Crystal Master and looking at reinforcing the

floors of my house to cope with the weight of all my new crystal buddies”.


Cathy will be running Crystal Therapy Foundation courses in Lincolnshire.

PHONE: 07415 381012

EMAIL: [email protected]



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