Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Once students have completed the Diploma training, we encourage them to continue developing professionally by improving their knowledge, skills and competence. To help them do this we run CPD classes and a Crystal Master course. 

Crystal Master Course (level 4)

To achieve the HCCH Crystal Master post graduate certificate, you will need to have an ACHO accredited Diploma in Crystal Therapy and have attended all 10 of our Crystal Master Classes.

Each session focuses on a different topic: Reaching your Soul’s Potential, Crystal Labyrinths, Does size & ingredients Matter?, The crystal Medicine Wheel, Gaia and the Fruit of Life, Tree Energy, Yin/Yang & Shadow side, Violet Flame and Entity removal, Soul Retrieval, Lemuria and Atlantis.

CPD classes

These are one-day events for our graduates but anyone who has  trained with an ACHO school and achieved the ACHO accredited Diploma is welcome to join us.

Themes include: Crystals and Angels, Ancestral Healing, Exploring the Galaxy, Working with Empathic Warriors and running your own workshops. 

Class fees and 2024 dates

The Crystal Master course costs £800 for 10 training sessions (10am - 4pm). Our next course will start in autumn 2024. 

CPD classes cost £80 (10am - 4pm) and dates for our next one will be cobfirmed later in the year.


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This wonderful course has truly changed my life!! After doing 2 brilliant, inspirational workshops with Sandra I was hooked and was keen to learn more about crystal therapy. Sandra passes on her vast knowledge of crystals and lots of other connected subjects in a fun, understandable way and she has helped me build my confidence and believe in my abilities. 

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"I am a total techie, a scientist, studied Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths and Business Studies. Somehow the experience of understanding crystals brought the whole thing together. I should have been sceptical but instead I have been totally enlightened by the energies that surround all of us. Sandra is a wonderful teacher, everything is examined, analysed and explained but then you are left to make up your own mind. .. you will not find a better teacher than Sandra (in my humble opinion)."

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"The Crystal Therapy training has changed my life beyond anything I could ever have imagined. You have taught me things about myself and what I want for my future that will stay  with my forever."