Diploma (level 3)

Once the Certificate level has been completed, students can then continue onto the ACHO accredited Diploma. This is a further 10 days of training which is normally held one day per month. Many suggest that this level is more spiritual as it encourages students to explore their own relationship with the mineral kingdom and the world around them. Higher vibrational crystals and advanced healing tools are explored to further expand your knowledge and skills.

Classes one to five

  • Recognising a Kundalini awakening. Working with Dragon energy. Activating the Merkaba.
  • Sick house syndrome. Assessing for Geopathic stress and Electromagnetic radiation. Ley lines and healing tne Planetary Grid. Gaia frequency tuning forks.
  • Crystal singing bowls and sound bath treatments. Working with practitioner bowls. How to make Gem Essence sprays and creams.  The past life chakras.
  • Crystal massage tools and techniques. Crystal facial massage. Massaging the aura.
  • Working with Vogel wands. Exploring the Transpersonal chakras. 

Classes six to ten

  • Sacred geometry – the language of the Universe. The Flower of life, Metatron’s cube and the Vesica Piscis.  Working with Platonic solids.
  • The difference between Grids and Mandalas. Creating crystal mandalas. Mandala divination. Healing with Etheric Weavers. 
  • The power of Pyramid energy. Exploring the difference in energy between the Giza and Nubian. Working with Orgone and Meru pyramids.
  • The mystery and history of the crystal skulls from Lemuria and Atlantis and into the future. Our ancestors from the stars and working with constellations.
  • Working with Vogel Stars. Angelic Stars and Ascension Stars. A Graduation blessing ceremony.

Course fees and 2023 dates

The cost for the ten Diploma classes is £1000.00. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place on the course, then the remaining fees can be paid for in monthly instalments. If you attend both the Certificate and the Diploma training the total course fees are £2000 for the 20 classes.

Please contact me if you would like dates for the level 3 Diploma training.


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"Every session has been a magical and healing experience. I feel HCCH workshops and courses need to be experienced to be believed. I started off just doing a one-day workshop so see if it felt right for me and am so grateful I did. It's also been nourishing to spend time with like-minded crystal lovers and mentally stimulating to learn in detail about stones and the many ways you can use them. It's furnished me with much more than I ever could have expected."

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"The 2 year diploma course was life changing for me. I signed up because I was interested in crystals and I am now practicing crystal Therapy, something I never envisioned. The course was interesting, fun, serious and sometimes emotional and our inspirational tutor Sandra made the learning so absorbing. I was sad it came to an end."

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"Amazing!! I have just completed the two year diploma course with Sandra and can honestly say I have loved every moment. Sandra is a gifted teacher who shares her wealth of knowledge in a wonderfully accessible way. I have learned so much and to anyone considering a course in the area, I cannot recommend Sandra and her College highly enough,"